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TALK DURATION ( Variable) but normally: 1 hr 30 minutes

Q & A:  30 minutes

When the chips are down, self-confidence hits a bottomless pit. Despondency sets in, as customers appear hard to negotiate, colleagues seem to be insufferable, the team does not rally enough, and the big boss is hopping mad. The cookie has apparently crumbled. In these circumstances, nothing helps more than a positive pep-talk. Motivation is also equally important when we are on a roll, and everything we touch turns to gold, a la Midas. At these times, we can become arrogant, over-confident or complacent without even realizing it. We then tend to often believe that good times last forever, when in fact, we should know that everything is transitory. Ever heard of a business cycle?

Sanjay Jha is a motivational speaker who can address audiences in any category on multiple subjects such as:

Leadership: Setting the Pace

Leadership: when the seas get rough

Leadership: The Shepherd Principle

In the Digital Age, Why Human relationships matter even more

Team Building

Corporate Culture

Crisis Management

The power of Motivation

Discovering Yourself

Fighting the Fear Factor

Nice Guys Finish First

The World has changed; have you?

Communication: The basics matter

The Fine Art of Negotiation

Innovation: Why it Succeeds, and Why it Fails

Business Strategy Vs Corporate Culture

Stress and the Burn-Out Syndrome

Learning from the President’s

What Sports Champions Tell Us

COMMERCIALS: ( Available on Request) ‘


You may also write letters and address them at :

To Office of Sanjay Jha,
1, Construction House,
Walchand Hirachand Marg,
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai- 400001


  • Hello Sanjay,

    I have heard you at Thane HR Head’s meet couple of months back.

    quite excited to invite you to address HR InfoTech a group of IT HR professionals. We re a group of 300+ and meet once a month on friday evening. around 100-125 attend this program.

    would it be convinient for you to spare one of the friday evening in Oct 10.

    kindly let us know.


    Vinda chitnis
    VP-HR & Adm
    Thirdware Solution Ltd
    98200 78830

  • This gives me immense pleasure that you are running this blog at this level. wish you all the best
    Tarun Jha
    India News

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